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Fiberglass Flat Roofing

Originating in Queen Anne's County, MD, the fiberglass flat roofing technology is the result of John Romm's work in the building industry and Gil Gilman's career in fiberglass boat repair. Romm often consulted with Gilman, previously owner of U.S. Fiberglass and Gelcoat, about boating issues. When a contractor approached Romm about putting a fiberglass roof on a $10 million, custom home in Easton, MD he consulted Gilman. They came up with a method, and from there, a guaranteed leak free flat roof was introduced.

Currently, workers go to the home, assess the repair needed and tear off the existing roof. From there, they apply one to two layers of fiberglass materials with a colored top. Railings can be added for a roof-top deck, or it can be left as a regular flat roof.

With fiberglass we increase the strength of the structure, and your flatroof will be sealed for life. 

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