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Precision Paramount Windows

Paramount Windows were created to blend style with

performance…features with benefits aimed at providing ultimate comfort

for your home. 

Over the years, discriminating homeowners have sought products

that delivered warm architectural features, greater energy efficiency,

and were produced with more “green” manufacturing practices. 

As the window industry has evolved, many revolutionary 

technologies have been developed to meet the demands

of today’s market. The result is the Hybrid technology 

fused together in the development of the Paramount

Window. Paramount combines Carbon Composite Reinforcements, 

Premium UPVC extrustions, and Earth-friendly insulation to 

deliver a state of the art window system. Paramount answers the

quest to provide todays comfort with care for tomorrow.

Paramount Windows are a smart investment for

today, tomorrow, and many generations

to follow

Why Should I Replace my Windows with Paramount?

To Save Money

Older less efficient windows are costing you money in heating and

cooling costs every day. In addition with energy cost rising, your lost

energy costs are growing larger each day. Every day you enjoy the

thermal and structural technology of the Innovations window you

are paying yourself back for the investment. In other words, you are

paying for new windows right now, whether you have them or not.

To Eliminate Maintenance

Paramount windows are made from UPVC profiles which will never

rot, splinter, warp or require any maintenance...ever. In addition,

the Conservision Glass used in the Paramount is so trouble free,

we guarantee it’s performance for as long as you own your home...

and beyond. The conservision glass is absolutely the best made ,

highest efficiency glass available today. In fact the seal failure rate

is 900 percent better than our closest competitor. And all of our

windows are built with double strength double pane where most

manufactures use only single strength glass...better noise protection

and stronger against accidental breakage.

For Better Living

All Paramount windows will operate easily and smoothly. Also, the

double hung windows tilt in (both sashes) for easy cleaning and the

Horizontal Sliders will lift out for ease of cleaning. If you are tired of

windows that just do not work right...Paramount is the clear choice.

House Beautiful

New windows with clean smooth lines will add to the curb appeal

of your home. Paramount windows have been designed to

blend with your home’s exterior and interior to compliment

the original architectural mill work detail. Always bright,

always clean surfaces will enhance your home inside and out.

Summary of Benefits:

• Immediate Return on Investment

• Energy Payback

• Maintenance Free

• Easy Operation

• More Comfortable Living

• Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

• Noise Reduction

Paramount Double Hung


Traditional styling is fused with modern technology to deliver the high performance found in the Paramount Double Hung window. The design of the Paramount Double Hung offers you the look and beauty of wood windows, while virtually eliminating time consuming maintenance and upkeep. Filled with great features and options, you are sure to find the perfect Paramount window for your home.

Exceptional Beauty

• (A) Exterior Contoured Frame is fusion welded.

•Equal Sight Lines between upper and lower sash.

•High Performance Sloped Sill with sash interlock.

•Sash detailing offers Traditional millwork appearance.

•Shadow grooved sash corners at weld locations.

Superior Performance

• (C) INNERGY™ Composite Reinforcements at meeting rail.

• (D) Magna-Tite™ bottom sash weather-strip.

• (E)Insul-Core™ frame insulation.

•Triple weather-stripped sash.

• (F) EZ-Lift™ balance system for smooth operation.

•Full length Sash Interlock with dual weather-strip.

•Sill Interlock secures lower sash.

•Dual Vent Latches provide security.

•Extruded Screen Frame for durability

• Dual Cam Locks are securely anchored into the

sash reinforcement.

Ease of Use

• (B) EZ-Tilt™ and Lock Hardware System.

•Contoured Lift Rails on both sashes.

•Block and Tackle balance system.

Paramount Sliders

Sliding windows are a popular choice for many homeowners today due to their great appearance and cost effectiveness. Since the Paramount Sliding window utilizes virtually all of the same outstanding features found in our double hung, you can rest assured it will perform well in your home. Paramount Sliders are offered in 2 and 3 Lite styles, and are available with the same colors and options to compliment other window styles.

Exceptional Beauty

• (A) Exterior Contoured Frame is fusion welded for optimal strength and to be weathertight.

• Equal Sight Lines between sashes maintain the original look of your home.

• Interior Sash detailing offers Traditional millwork appearance.

• (B)  Shadow grooved sash corners enhance the finished look of the interior.

Superior Performance

• High Performance Sill Interlock enhances security and performance in high wind conditions.

• (C)  INNERGY™ Composite Reinforcements at meeting rail eliminate sash distortion and bowing.

• (D) Insul-Core™ frame insulation improves the thermal performance over hollow vinyl windows.

• Triple and Quadruple weather-stripping provides a superior barrier against the elements.

• Full length Sash Interlock with dual weather-strip virtually eliminates air infiltration.

• Dual Vent Latches provide added security while window is open for ventilation.

• A premium Extruded Screen Frame with fiberglass mesh is standard on Innovations windows.

• Dual Cam Locks are securely anchored into the sash reinforcement.

Ease of Use

• (E) Tandem Brass Rollers on both sashes ensure smooth operation for a lifetime.

• Contoured Lift Rails are carefully designed into the sashes and simplify window operation.

• Easy Lift Out sash design enables simple removal of both sashes for quick cleaning from the inside.

Paramount Casement & Awning

Add a touch of elegance to your home with the Paramount Casement Window. Also available in a matching Awning window, these two styles of windows offer the ultimate in performance against high winds and cold temperatures. Utilizing the Vista-View Sash design, Paramount casements offer unobstructed views by

maximizing the glass area by reducing the size of sash and frame. To further compliment your home, our casements and awnings are available with the same wide range of color and glass options found with our other window styles.

Exceptional Beauty

• (A) Fusion welded Contoured sash profile compliments double hung and slider styles.

• Vista-View™ Sash utilizes narrower sash proportions to offer maximum glass viewing area.

• Continuous Frame design for multi-lite casement units delivers a more traditional appearance.

• (B) Nesting Hardware neatly folds out of the way as to not interfere with blinds or drapes.

Superior Performance

• (C) Triple weather-stripped frame and sash design delivers air tight performance.

• Multi-point Hardware system ensures a secure and weather tight seal on every window.

• Heavy-Duty Screen Frame with Recessed Screen Clips deliver an uncluttered interior appearance.

• Adjustable Sash system ensures the sash sits squarely in the frame for optimal performance.

• Dual Cam Locks are securely anchored into the sash reinforcement.

Ease of Use

• Dual Arm Operator provides smooth and efficient operation during opening and closing.

• Casement sashes can be opened to 90o for ease of cleaning from inside the home.

• (D) Single Lever locking system allows easy access to hardware for most every user.

Paramount Bay/Bow Windows

To compliment the beautiful interior wood grain finish on Paramount Bay and Bow windows, they are now available with a hand rubbed stain applied to the oak or birch seat boards and interiors. The available stains are Light Oak, Dark Oak, Cherry and Brazilian Pecan.* All stains are carefully applied by the Amish artisan finishers and are protected by our famous furniture grade Guard Coat. For a finishing touch, interior trim is available in the same stains in oak in four sizes

to fit your custom installation.

* Brazilian Pecan available in Picture and Casements only

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No matter what your view, enjoy it more with an Paramount Bay or Bow window. This terrific option not only brings the outside in, but dramatically enhances the curb appeal of your home. Structurally sound, and highly efficient, Paramount Bay and Bow  windows deliver panoramic views while maintaining the comfort level inside your home year round. Drawing upon the same great features found in our standard Double-Hung and Casement windows, Paramount Bay and Bow windows offer a completely maintenance free exterior utilizing high impact uPVC vinyl.

On the interior, traditional wood window styling is combined with several available color options that will enhance your rooms décor. The Paramount Bay and Bow window system also features your choice of Oak or Birch seat boards which can be painted or stained to match virtually any room. Bay windows are available with double-hung or casement windows, while Bow windows feature four or five lite casement window configurations. Garden windows project out from the house with an

interior shelf for plants and herbs, and feature side vents provide ventilation. 

Paramount Patio Doors

Whether to the backyard or the pool, a Paramount Sliding Patio Door allows you to connect to your surroundings. Available in standard and custom sizes, the Paramount Sliding Patio Door features many unique options to deliver the ultimate in operation and performance.

• Uncompromised style

• Traditional interior millwork panel design

• Contemporary styled Multi-Point handle

• Two, three, and four-panel configurations

• Three premium wood-grain interiors

• Select hardware finish options

• Unsurpassed performance

• Tandem Marine Ball Bearing Roller System

• Metal reinforced panels

• Triple weather-stripping minimizes air infiltration

• High performance sill eliminates water penetration

• Heavy duty extruded screen with spring loaded guides

( 1 ) Multi-Cavity Design

(2) Reinforced Panels

(3) Spring loaded Screen Guide

(4) Wood Grain Interiors

(5) Hardware Options

Paramount Color Tone Exteriors

Paramount windows are now

available in twelve beautiful

exterior color tones for all

window styles and patio doors. Through a special process, these windows can be colorized to compliment many exterior color schemes beyond the scope of standard vinyl colors.

These colors are also closely

matched to, or complimentary to, our full line of beautiful steel or fiberglass entry door colors.

Interior & Exterior Color Finish Options

The following combinations of wood grain interiors and solid vinyl interiors/exteriors are available on all Precision Windows & Doors patio styles.

Note: Colors on screen may vary. Please see your Precision Sales Representative for exact color samples.

Paramount Windows Options & Add-Ons

The Paramount TimberLand® window boasts a beautiful, heavy-gauge laminate that creates the look of real wood without the maintenance or problems of real wood (like rotting and warping). In fact, these windows require NO maintenance (except for the occasional washing). Classic styling, surprising affordability, and extra

high-energy efficiency make the TimberLand® series the choice for homeowners who want the very best.

Child-Proof Latch located near the inside top of the frame, the

window cannot be opened

unless latch is pressed. 

Internal blinds add style to your window while providing the opportunity to control

lighting and privacy. So easy to use, yet completely maintenance-free – you will never clean or dust your blinds again. Each blind is sealed between two panes of glass making this the perfect choice for homes with children or pets. Internal mini-blinds are available in white and almond for most window types. Casement and awning windows can be ordered with blinds, however the screen must be removed to operate the blind. See your Precision Sales Representative for further information and available options.


Grids are available in a myriad of colors, styles and sizes. For woodgrain interiors, 

ask for two-tone grids to match. All grids are between the glass for easy cleaning. 

Please see your Precision Windows &representative for details 

Designer Hardware Finishes

All Innovation style windows are available with optional designer finishes in Antique Brass, Bronze and Satin Nickel.

Precision Perfect-Fit

The Paramount Window System is now available as a full frame replacement or a full system for new construction applications.

The exterior can be fitted with a fully welded exterior brick mold with a built in J channel to neatly conceal your siding or exterior trim.

The interior of the window can be supplied with a custom size jamb extension in your choice of unfinished, painted or stained. Other jamb and interior choices include hand finished real wood in cherry, pine, maple or oak to match the interior wood grain on the

window frame and sash.

In addition, the interior trim is available in several trim shapes to compliment your existing interior or to create a stunning look for your new home or business. Through a special patented design the interior will come completely assembled, and is designed to float in or out as

needed, against your interior surface to create a clean and seamless installation. 

The “Perfect Fit” full frame system can be supplied with both interior and exterior trim packages or just one or the other as desired. All “Perfect Fit” systems can be ordered with painted exterior colors to match the window color, trim color or to match an Precision Entry or

Patio door system.

This unique window system will offer the maximum glass and screen area for any window opening as well as eliminate the existing wood

frame and the need to cap over the exterior trim in replacement applications.


Color Match System

Does The Glass Really Matter?

Glass is glass, right? Well actually, not at all. Window glass is all about efficiency - keep the outside out and the inside in. This can be achieved in many ways, the best way being a combination of multiple technologies. Glass coatings with a thin layer of UV reflective material, are the first defense. The second is the spacer. Precision utilizes a non-conductive, stainless steel spacer that separates the layers of glass (see below). Multiple layers of glass are the third. But more layers have proven to be less efficient than just two with the proper coatings, often placed on each side of the window pane. Precision's Conservision choices have been specially formulated to reject

the sun’s heat, letting more light in and keeping more heat out in the summer, while also keeping heat in during the winter. So your home stays cool and comfortable through every season. 

Condensation is virtually eliminated, providing a healthier atmosphere inside. What’s more, Conservision provides exceptional fading protection, blocking the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays

(a leading cause of fading), keeping your furniture, carpets, curtains and wall coverings beautiful for years to come. 

Freedom Window & Glass Options

Super smooth Clean/Guard coating will provide you with cleaner, low-maintenance glass. Clean/Guard harnesses the sun’s UV rays

to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean

easier. Enjoy the effects that a little sun, rain and Clean/Guard glass brings to your windows, including a home that stays cooler in the

summer and warmer in the winter. Clean/Guard must be ordered in conjunction with ConserVision glass with energy saving Low-e

coating. Clearly, Clean/Guard glass is the choice for your windows.

How we preserve perfect glass from factory to installation.

Cover/Guard is the clear solution to window protection. This patented

film defends your glass. Factory-applied to both the outer and inner

surfaces in overlapping layers, it ensures that the entire glass surface is protected. When the construction is complete, the film is removed and only perfectly clear and beautiful windows remain. Cover/Guard is an option on all Precision windows and will be applied automatically on all Clean/Guard units.

Internal Blinds

Internal blinds add style to your window while providing the opportunity to control lighting and privacy. So easy to use, yet completely maintenance-free – you will never clean or dust your blinds again. Each blind is sealed between two panes of glass making this the perfect choice for homes with children or pets. Internal mini-blinds are available in white and almond, in manual tilt/raise & lower configurations for most window types. Casement and awning windows can be ordered with blinds, however the screen must be removed to operate the blind. See your Precision Sales Representative

for more information on this great option.

Because of our advanced design and fabrication, Precision Windows & Doors provides a lifetime guarantee on our Edge/Guard spacer units for home owner residential installations. Edge/Guard is cutting edge technology, incorporating a stainless steel spacer with airtight bent corners and a dual-seal construction of compressed polyisobutylene (PIB) and silicone. Since Edge/Guard is a warm-edge IG, the possibility of indoor condensation is greatly reduced. Edge/Guard boasts the lowest failure rate in the industry - 10 times better than the industry average. Edge/Guard also edges out the competition with outstanding thermal performance and solar control.

1. Primary Seal: Polyisobutylene (PIB) minimizes moisture permeation, is UV resistant and provides an outstanding argon barrier.

2. Secondary Seal: Specially formulated silicone for IG units provides long-term adhesion, is unaffected by UV exposure and provides excellent durability when exposed to moisture. Silicone also provides structural integrity.

3. Spacer: Stainless steel spacer features a roll form design to provide maximum area for primary and secondary sealant coverage. It provides increased resistance to condensation and less stress on IG seal system. No polymer content eliminates the risk of chemical fogging.

4. Desiccants: Beaded molecular sieve provides initial frost points below -65°F. Desiccant assures optimum moisture adsorption while minimizing the effects of temperature-related pressure changes.

A lot of manufacturers talk about performance, but what about durability? Performance over the long haul? That’s where Edge/Guard excels, delivering the industry’s lowest failure rate, plus outstanding thermal performance and solar control. 

Tests conducted in an independent test lab where heat and cold conditions replicate a 50 year, the Conservision + Edge  combination has logged a failure rate of 0.5%, or onehalf of a single window failures out of each 100 windows installed.  Conventional singleseal butyl configurations have a failure rate of 55%, that is 55 glass unit failures out of every 100 installed - more than one out of every two windows!

Through the hottest summers and coldest winters, Edge/Guard is engineered for maximum seal durability. With its proven durability Edge/Guard will save heating and cooling energy for years to come. Exceptional longevity and performance… this is what the future of insulating glass looks like.

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